Your New Ukulele


Get started with your new ukulele

In this video Kaitlin walks you through all 12 items included in the Everything You Need Ukulele Bundle.

Join Kaitlin as she walks you through the steps on How To Tune Your New Ukulele!

What You Get

See All The Accessories Included in Your Kit


Who doesn’t love the sound of kazoo

Adjustable Strap

Durable black polyester strap


Durable black capo

Ukulele Stand

This wooden ukulele stand is a beautiful place for your ukulele to sit.

Padded Travel Bag

Padded travel bag for your ukulele. Includes zipper pocket.

Extra Strings

Digital clip-on chromatic tuner.
Battery included.

String Winder

String Wender Is Easy to use black string winder

Cleaning Cloth

Keep your instrument shinny with this microfibre cleaning cloth.


Digital clip-on chromatic tuner.
Battery included.

Three Felt Picks

Felt picks give a warmer sound on the ukulele.


All the info you need to get started is in this booklet.

Bonus Lesson

Ask your teacher anything during your one on one 30 minute lesson