Mike Sowers

Guitar & Ukulele Teacher

Experience: 4 years
Specialization: Guitar & Ukulele Teacher


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    About Teacher

    Mike Sowers is a singer and multi-instrumentalist from small town Canada. Clinging to his roots in bluegrass and country music, he found his way to the big city where he embraced the sounds of blues and rock n’ roll. Mike’s primarily instruments are guitar and violin, but ukulele somehow made its way into his hands, and he’s loved it ever since!

    Growing up in a musical family, Mike developed an excellent ear for harmony and learning songs by ear. As a performer, songwriter and teacher, Mike is passionate about encouraging students to be creative and find their own “voice” to express themselves on their instrument. Beginner or pro Mike is ready to jam and I’m sure you will both learn something new.


    Mike has been playing guitar for 13 years and loves to teach others how to rock out!

    Ukulele lessons for everyone


    Vocal 90%
    Guitar 70%
    Percussion 55%
    Ukulele 61%
    Violin 42%
    Bass 57%