Fun Stuff & Resources

There’s so much more to music than just playing an insturment.

Check out these fun and easy crafts, games, and other musical ideas!

4 rock stars during the 1-week long rock star camp in Ottawa, Ontario. Looking great in their cowboy hats and big smiles

Musical Games for Kids

Fun and easy games for kids aged 4 to 14. Musical Chairs, Copy Cat, Marching Band, “If You’re Happy & You Know it” Game, etc!

Fun & Easy Musical Crafts for Kids

Fun & Easy crafts for kids aged 4 to 14. Elastic band guitar, popsicle stick piano, water bottle shaker and so many more!

What is Mechanics of Music?

Mechanics of Music is a place to inspire, teach and entertain. We host events, workshops, camps, and performances to engage everyone in the awesome power of music

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